How to create your custom kit


Creating your kit is simple despite the many options we offer you. In fact, you can choose from many models, for women and men, each customizable according to the needs of your team. We can do anything in design too. You just have to trust us!

Follow these steps:

Step 1. Choose items and get quote


Select products

Consult our catalog and choose the articles for your team. You will also find the options available for each product.

All our items are 100% customizable by colours, design and logos.

We have different qualities for the same product, in order to answer all your needs.

Each product has the consideration for the opposite sex


Submit your idea

Tell us the design you want. You can make a draft on paper or with a graphics software. Or take an idea from the web.

No ideas? Request our design gallery

You will need to send us the proper logos in a vector-graphic format, Vector formats include: .ai, .eps, and .pdf (open), svg.

You can download the vector template from the page of each product.


Get a quote

Fill out our form for the quote. Indicates the quantities for each model chosen. We will get back to you in a few days.

The production minimum for any item is 10 pieces per item. If you would like to order as example, five cycling kits and five triathlon kits, there would be a 30% upcharge.

Convert a file from JPEG to Vector format: $50.00
Creating a new logo in Vector format: $200.00
Create a new design for you or your club, if your group decides not to use Veneto Sportswear as your chosen apparel company, a $350 fee will be invoice to you.

Any changes that vary the estimate will be communicated at the time of the order, with the drawing the options and quantities defined.

Step 2. Choose the sizes and define design


Sizes selection

You can consult our size charts online or receive test kits (for maximum 7 days) to be 100% sure. Every range of items has it’s own size chart.

On the page of each product you will find the link to the relative size chart.

You can request a Fit kit once you have received your quote and design. The fit kit may be kept for up to 7 days.

For fit kit, a credit card must be provided as security. You will be charged for your samples only if the kit is not returned within the stated period.


Define the design

We send you several proposals. Choosing one of these you will have to check the design, the logos and communicate any changes.

We use specific software to simulate your article in 3d. So you will immediately see the final effect.

If you need a social media rendering, we can supply that

The design is copyright if it is created by Venetosportswear and it is free; if you decide to not use Veneto anymore you can’t use the design but you have the option to purchase it for 350$


Choose the colours

We have 8chromatic system of print. We can print every colour. Before printing the clothing we can show you a proof of printing on the fabric.

If you elect to send us a design/pattern, you will need to send us the correct pantone colors or color pallets.

We can print a sample of your colours on a piece of material and send it.

Fabric printing may differ slightly from paper or metal pantone.

Step 3. Make order and enjoy your kit


Make the order

Ok,  it is finally time to order. In the order you must indicate the chosen items, any options and sizes.

A 50% deposit is required for nay custom order with the balance due at the time of delivery.

In case of single customizations with nicknames, send a table where the nicknames are matched to the size and article to be personalized.



Once approvals for art, color and units, and deposit money have been received production will begin.

Completion time is 8 weeks from the day approvals are received.

No additional changes can be made at this time.



We will contact you to collect final payment prior to shipping. Your order is ready to leave Italy!

All orders will be sent ground unless otherwise specified, and at the customer’s expense.


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